When was the last time you told someone you loved your hair? At Nicholas Anthony, it’s a compliment we hear often, a reflection of the distinctive service we provide to each of our clients.

A great hairstyle is the result of many elements coming together well. From the moment you enter our salon, you will be greeted warmly and treated graciously. 

Surrounded by natural curves, colors and textures, you immediately begin to feel calm and comfortable. 

As you relax, you take note of the state of the art, both classic and contemporary, that accent our walls. 

In this atmosphere, you easily express your ideas for your look – even if it’s very different than the one you have now.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Nicholas Anthony combines the timeless elegance of minimalist style with the commitment of founder Nicholas to offer exceptional service, creativity and expertise. 

Our dedicated professional stylists are trained to rigorous standards for technical skill and expertise, and they continue to stay on the forefront of fashion trends from the U.K., Europe and around the globe. 

Our team is fluent in English & Italian adding to the salon’s international presence.
Throughout, you’ll notice a meticulous attention to detail that make our salon experience highly enjoyable:
We feature luxury hair care products by Paul Mitchel, Goldwell and Affinage favored by celebrities and beauty editors alike. As part of our service, we design a hassle-free hair care routine with products designed to maintain your style and improve the health of your hair.
We believe we are artists first, and our innovative designs take their inspiration from many sources. Our hair designs are multidimensional, taking into account your unique facial bone structure, skin tone, as well as the condition, color and texture of your hair. 

After we agree on a style, we use the perfect combination of cut, color, texturing, and conditioning techniques to individualize the style and accent your best features. Like any artist, we use color both subtly and boldly to draw attention and add sophistication to your look.
Experts say that only 3% of businesses last 25 years. More staggeringly only 1% last 50 years! We are proud to say that we are in our 58th year! Why is this? what makes a business last the distance? It can only mean this:, Quality, Skill, Service and good Value.
Our specialness lies in our team. Our clients value our experience and our ‘family-run’ approach.
37 St Peters Street
MK40 2DP
Tel: 01234 357171