Hairdressers in Bedford

Whether your looking for salons in bedford or elsewhere, meeting new clients in my salon compelled me to help other lost ladies to find a new salon in Bedford. Their tales of woe prompted me to give you some guidance and tips you can action immediately. 

Its often a daunting task for many. If your new to an area then this can be particularly frustrating. Most of my new clients that come to me often say they’ve been recommended but on the odd occasion there are a few new ladies that have told me a few gems, that may help a few reading this looking for ideas.

Have a look at our front page and listen to the clip here. Before I get into the different ways to find a great Salon in Bedford I must start with a little history…When i started out there were literally hundreds of salons in bedford… I remember when i started in 1980, (can’t believe I’m saying that – makes me feel prehistoric😂)) looking through the yellow pages – there were 5 maybe 6 pages full of listings!I recall reading somewhere recently that during the 80’s there were 60,000 salons in the UK…now that’s down to 30,000… WHY?Not because of home hairdressing but purely down to poor hairdressing!

In the final analysis poor hairdressing is the ultimate reason for a salon shutting down.

We’ve survived 2 major recessions and are thriving in this recession… now that’s no accident!

We have 10 full time staff…8 stylists and 2 trainee hairdressers… all diverse… all busy…all the time…in the worst recession since the great depression of the 30’s!

Not bad? I’d say. Oh and i forgot to mention.. We’ve only lost 1 major member of staff in 15 years.

I could go on about all the photographic work for national magazines and all the shows we have done but those of you here that have been with us on that journey already know.

I don’t believe there is another salon in Bedford that has that kind of pedigree and if your thinking Toni and Guy…they can’t compete with us in Bedford either (not tooting our horn here – there’s good reason for saying that)….Not because they’re no good but because of the size of the company, their business model and the size of our market on a local level (and i don’t mean the fruit and veg type)..but more on that in another post.

I have a lot of respect for the Tony and Guy family and their achievements but that’s another story (I love the history of celebrity hairdressers…it helps my own success) which I will also write about on another post… I know the history of all the big names and some of their advantages and disadvantages.

As i said earlier, go to our front page here and have a listen to my thoughts on finding a hairdresser in your town.

For now though, if your after a good haircut then need i say more… call 01234 357171

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